Company profile

Who we are

Oinomelos is a newly established Greek company in the field of wine production. 

Oinomelos wine series include wines of different varieties that meet every wine lover’s expectations. Dry, sweet, semisweet, white, rose or red, whichever wine you choose will blow your palate!


Company’s trademark is Y OINOMELON, one of the first products of the company, to which it owes its name. Oinomelo is a product with unique taste that encloses Greek tradition and culture.

Our insight

In few words, Oinomelos was established in order to promote Greek wines, vintners and wine tradition and the land where all these are “cultivated”!

Our social action is part of our work

… since with every product you buy, you support the action of a nonprofit organization.
In each product's price is included an estimated percentage which will be used for charity. That's the greatest principle of Oinomelos and a kind of «investment» in both Greek market and society.

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“It all started as an idea…

An idea that soon turned into passion…

And even more than that…

It turned into love.

This love we want to share with people all over the world…

With all of you…

We hope you'll get passionate about our idea, our insight, our effort!”