Edible gold in olive oil

Patented method of production

The Oinomelos Company, once more innovative, is proud to present you its patent for the production method of “Edible Gold in Olive Oil.” It’s a cutting-edge production method which adds unique properties to the olive oil.

What is Olive Oil with Edible Gold?

This particular invention of the Oinomelos Company is, in essence, an olive oil in which edible gold is added in the form of flakes or shavings. The edible gold in olive oil comes from approved and certified laboratories which guarantee the edible status of the product.

The gold shavings and flakes also hold the relevant certification by Noris Blattgold GmbH. The addition to the olive oil occurs during the process of bottling it. The production method “edible gold in olive oil” constitutes an innovation which will grant you a large number of beneficial properties and benefits. Let’s take a look at some of these.

Properties and benefits of edible gold

Many of you may not know that gold is actually an edible precious metal. However, it is known throughout the ages for its unique beneficial properties for the human body. By combining the beneficial properties of gold with those of oil, imagine how many benefits one can reap. This is also the reason that the Oinomelos Company proceeded to create such a unique product based on the patented production method “Edible Gold in Olive Oil.”

In fact, Oinomelos is the only company to reserve the right to add edible gold to olive oil due to our patent of the method under the patent number IPO 2003116 from the Industrial Property Organization.

The most characteristic historical example is that of Cleopatra, for whom pure gold was a fundamental ingredient in maintaining youthfulness. Particularly in the case of Cleopatra, historians mention that she used a mask made of gold during the night.

Other mentions of the use of gold also come from ancient Rome as well as ancient China, where gold was used for the treatment of skin conditions as well as an elixir of youth. Our production method “edible gold in olive oil” is characterized by its antioxidant properties while simultaneously offering use benefits to the human body.

More specifically, it:

  • Contributes hugely to the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Significantly reduces the signs of aging and erases lines and wrinkles.
  • Acts preventatively against acne for all skin types.
  • Improves skin elasticity.
  • Acts as natural skin protection from the sun.

More information concerning the patented production method of “edible gold in olive oil” of Oinomelos.

The procedure of submitting a patent of a method is particularly difficult and time consuming as, in order to obtain it, a company has to conduct multiple trials, to fulfil strict conditions according to the rules and legislation in order to obtain the approval and, subsequently, the patent by the IPO (Industrial Property Organization).

The IPO, aside from its incredibly strict conditions set in place for a company or a person to obtain a patent for their creation, protects the beneficiary with the right to sole monopoly and reproduction. For further information, you may visit its official website https://www.obi.gr/OBI/?tabid=263.

Oinomelos, after long years of research and multiple trials, has managed to patent the production method for Edible Gold in Olive Oil. The patented production method for Edible Gold in Olive Oil proves once more our company’s levels of foresight and innovation. Our goal is to offer original and creative ideas which answer to needs of our modern world, giving not only a solution, but creating with our patented methods products which bring beneficial properties for our bodies. We can now say with certainty that this particular production method will offer products able to contribute to the consumer’s health and wellness.

In order for the gold to become edible, it must be exceedingly pure, of many carats and certified for its consumer safety according to the strictest of standards imposed by global control agencies. The certification for the production method of edible gold in olive oil was secured with the use of edible gold leaf from the certified company Noris Gold Leaf.

. Oinomelos is a company with a Vision which continuously evolves through its innovative ideas.

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