Edible gold in wine

Patented production method

Oinomelos, as an innovative company, has proceeded to patent the production method “Edible Gold in Wine.” By combining the pleasurable tasting experience of wine with the beneficial properties of edible gold, it developed a pioneering production method which left the best impressions during its trial period.

What is edible gold in wine?

It’s an original and patented invention of the Oinomelos Company, something as simple as wine in which has been added edible gold in the form either of flakes or shavings.

The edible gold used by the Oinomelos Company comes from the certified company Noris Blattgold which supplies us with edible gold coming from certified labs and is 100% safe for the human organism.

The beneficial properties of edible gold in wine

Many people do not know that gold is a precious metal which, aside from its use in the creation of jewelry, contributes to the health of the human body via ingestion. The benefits edible gold in wine offers include, more specifically:

  • Prevention of acne for all skin types
  • Reduction in signs of aging as well as wrinkle and line treatment
  • Treatment of rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
  • Improvement of skin elasticity and natural protection from the sun
  • Antioxidating properties for the body

Imagine all these properties in the bottle of a tasty wine. Now, you can enjoy a wonderful drink which also offers huge benefits to your bodies.

It’s no coincidence, after all, that even in ancient times gold was used for the treatment of skin conditions as well as a fundamental ingredient in antiaging. Keeping in mind our knowledge of the past and the innovation of the future, we have managed to concoct our pioneering product based on the patented production method “Edible Gold In Wine.”

Actually, the Oinomelos Company is the only company which maintains the right to add edible gold into wine due to the patented method under the patent number IPO 2003117 from the Industrial Property Organisation.

The IPO, aside from its incredibly strict conditions set in place for a company or a person to obtain a patent for their creation, protects the beneficiary with the right to sole monopoly and reproduction. For further information, you may visit its official website https://www.obi.gr/OBI/?tabid=263.

Additional information for the product of Oinomelos based on the patented production method for “Edible Gold In Wine.”

Oinomelos, with this excellent production method that it patented, proves once more the company’s innovation and foresight. Our main goal is to offer our consumers creations which have vast benefits for our body. We can now say with certainty that the production method for edible gold in wine of Oinomelos has fulfilled all our expectations.

In order for the gold to become edible, it must be exceedingly pure, of many carats and certified for its consumer safety according to the strictest of standards imposed by global control agencies. The certification for the production method of edible gold in olive oil was secured with the use of edible gold leaf from the certified company Noris Gold Leaf.

With the guarantee of Oinomelos, a new, healthy and beneficial production method for the consumption of wine is born.

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