Oinomelon of Oinomelos , an essential B2B product

Talent Accepted is the new win-win advertising campaign of Oinomelos® which is held to showcase the creativity of your company through its innovative patented products. Cocktail bars can create a new Cocktail based on oinomelo. Take part in the campaign, create an exquisite cocktail using your imagination and Oinomelos ® will advertise and showcase your company so that it goes viral along with your creation.

Become the new Talk of the Town.

WIN-WIN Partnerships

Oinomelos ® supports and believes in win-win partnerships. Thus, for every new partnership, we undertake the advertisement of your company with no further cost to you through our blog, on our official website, on our official social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, while also announcing the very best on our YouTube channel.

Our Oinomelos ® Oinomelon is a unique patented product of Greece with no added sugar, very low in calories and particularly low-cost, which is available for B2B sales in all dining establishments which sell alcoholic drinks and cocktails.

More and more companies partner with Oinomelos ®, and already, their clients have fallen in love with the enjoyable drinks that we offer.

After all, the reasons of such a success and the constant rise in sales are not coincidental. Let’s take a look at the most important ones:

Why should a company select Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® ?

It grants wellness to every company, as it can easily be integrated into their menu and shine as a welcome drink, an accompaniment, as an aperitif or a digestif, but also as an excellent base for cocktails both hot and cold as, as it is well known, it can be consumed throughout the year.

All the above, in combination with its low Vol, the lack of added sugar and, naturally, its low calorific value – just 72kcal/50ml – together with its exquisite taste set it up to win the hearts of even the most demanding patrons.

Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® has been created to satisfy the consumer, but naturally, to also boost the profits of any company.

This is firstly achieved thanks to its excellent quality and secondly thanks to its extremely low cost per drink serving.

A wonderful tasting experience

Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® is a delicious drink based on wine. Its unique combination of flavors with the tasty notes of honey render it an excellent choice for any time of day or year.

Oinomelo can be served in different ways, both warm at 55-60°C as well as cold at 4-6°C.

A perfect choice for cocktails

Oinomelon is a fundamental ingredient for wonderfully chilled or hot cocktails. Using our Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® as a base, your company’s bartender can offer your customers unique cocktails of unparalleled flavour. Whether it is chilled cocktails during the summer or hot ones during the winter, cocktails with oinomelo are sure to catch any consumer’s eye.

More specifically, oinomelon can be used as a base for the concoction of welcome cocktails, main cocktails and after dinner cocktails.

A light, low-calorie drink

Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® is a delicious drink with low Vol. Specifically, it only has Vol 9%. Additionally, each serving of 50ml has – according to the certification from the Analytical Labs of Athens – only 72kcal. The reason, naturally, being the lack of added sugar which is also one of the main traits of every Oinomelos ® drink.

An innovative and certified product

By choosing our company’s patented oinomelon, you guarantee for your company an innovative Greek drink which, due to the fact that it is a newcomer in the market, makes your company stand out from the competition and the other similar companies. It holds an EN ISO 22000:2005 certification from TÜV AUSTRIA HELLAS, and soon, it will be a certified VEGAN product, as we have already submitted the necessary supporting documents.

Why is Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® a profitable choice?

Our Oinomelos ® Oinomelon is a beverage which has already made quite the impression on the consumer from the first moment it appeared on the market. By choosing to integrate it into your menu, you guarantee the ultimate customer satisfaction and, of course, the maximization of your profits. Whether you serve it warm or cold, or as a base for cocktails, the oinomelo supplied by our company offers huge profit margins due to its low cost, which is lower even than the cost of producing a double espresso of good quality.

One can easily deduce that the purchase of Oinomelos® products will contribute radically to the profitability of your company.

Please fill out the Form of InterestApplication in order to showcase your company and your creativity, and we will send you a free bottle. Thus, you will be able to form a better image of its exquisite flavor and the delicious cocktails you can make with it. We are certain that the results will impress you!

Form of Interest

Our obligation is to send you a bottle of Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® to your company’s address as raw material for the concoction of cocktails upon verification of the details you have submitted to us.

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