Oinomelo of OInomelos

Oinomelos, an innovative company in the field of drink production, presents Oinomelon.

The Passion for tradition, the love for the goods that the Greek soil produces, as well as the value of History make up the driving force behind the creation of a new, innovative, patented series which could be characterized as a flavorful elixir.


Oinomelo is a unique drink born by Greek tradition; Hippocrates refers to Oinomelo as a medicine which should be consumed by everyone, as it boasts a number of beneficial properties, while Democritus talks of the wellness and longevity it offers to man. When he himself was asked “How can man retain health and long life?” his response was “by drinking oinomelo,” which is why many believe that he used to drink it until his old age. At the same time, many are the references to oinomelo in Greek mythology and history. The nymph Melissa, Zeus’ nurse, raised him by feeding him bread and oinomelo so that he would grow up faster and pursue his place among the Gods. Homer mentions oinomelo multiple times in his texts, as the witch Circe offered it to Ulysses’ sailors in order to seduce them. Of course, we must not forget its role in the everyday life of the Athenians, as well as in the symposiums, as it constituted a welcome drink in order to cleanse the palate and prepare it for the flavors of food.

Y Oinomelos® Series

Oinomelos, after long years of research, multiple trials and teamwork, has created a unique patented product based on wine. Drawing inspiration from the traditional ancient Greek recipe, completely natural without any added sugar, with low Vol and exquisite flavor which scintillates the senses.

Oinomelo of Oinomelos®is a flavorful elixir of superior winemaking, enjoyable, with flavorful notes of honey! Its innovation, everything else aside, lies within the fact that oinomelo can be served both warm and cold, thus giving both occasions a different impression and aftertaste. The ideal serving temperature is warm, at55-60˚C, or cold, at 4-6˚C.

It is preferred by popular hotels, banquets and conferences as a cool welcome drink in order to welcome their clients, or as a quirky drink found at their bars to be enjoyed by their patrons. In many stores, it is served as an aperitif, as its uniquely sweet taste works up an appetite and, at the same time, it can accompany any meal, granting harmony and intensity of flavor to your palate. It serves as an excellent digestif after a meal, served chilled as the notes of honey and the low Vol help digestion.

At the same time, oinomelo is a great base for cocktails, allowing for delicious recipes for fantastic cocktails containing various fruits, accompanying mixers and other unique ingredients which render it the quintessential “trendy” drink. There are many who avoid the consumption of cocktails during their evening out due to their high sugar content, but oinomelo, as an innovative drink, contains no added sugar and boasts a rich nutritional content. More specifically, it has only 72kcal per serving of 50ml, fact which ranks it as the ideal choice for those watching their weight.

Oinomelo of Oinomelos®is a modern drink which offers unique enjoyment to all those who sample it. It’s an ideal choice to be enjoyed at family gatherings, in the evenings with good company, or as an accompaniment to your most beautiful and pleasant moments. Enjoy it hot and be transfixed by its wondrous aroma, or enjoy it chilled and savor its sweet flavor. A quality product with high nutritional value and, of course, ideal as a gift for your loved ones. After all, Oinomelo of Oinomelos® is also a drink that brings people together. You can enjoy it any time of day and on any occasion.

Greek PCC Patent

Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® is a patented product with an ISO 22000 from TUV AUSTRIA, and soon, it will be distributed as a certified VEGAN product. It holds a Greek patent from the Piraeus Chamber of Crafts under the patent number 2377/05.07.2016. It is a patented and certified product available for both retail and whole-sale exclusively from the Oinomelos Company.

Oinomelos®, having sealed many wonderful partnerships in the fields of food and beverage services and hotels, has offered Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® to liquor stores, e-shops, specialized markets in order to fulfill its fans’ thirst for it in any way possible. We invite you to also partner with Oinomelos® in order to spread its one-of-a-kind experience to your consumers, as it is a product with great appeal to the public while also bringing your company high profits due to its excellent quality. This is due to the fact that oinomelo is a patented, certified beverage with innovative specifications.

Everyone likes Oinomelo!


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