Οinomelos® Oinomelon plastic bottle 750ml


Οinomelos® Oinomelon plastic bottle 750ml

Enjoy a unique flavorful elixir that is fully natural, sugar-free, with a splendid taste and beneficial properties since ancient times.

VOL 9%.

*Ideal for home


Oinomelon of Oinomelos® is a patented Greek drink of unparalleled flavorbased on wine. It boasts a splendorous combination of aroma and flavorful notes of honey which make it an excellent choice for every occasion. This enjoyable drink can be served both warm (at55-60°C) and cold(at4-6°C).

In most European countries wine is combined with various spices and sweeteners in order to boost its flavour. Even though many references are made to its conception by the Romans, oinomelo traces its roots much further back to the Greek antiquity. Actually,Hippocrates and Democritus were big fans of it, as it contributed to an important degree to longevity.

You can enjoy our Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® as an aperitif, as an accompaniment to your dinner, as well as digestif. Its wonderful flavor, the lack of sugar and the various ways of serving it render it a magnificent choice for every time of the year.

Try it today and you will surely be amazed by its uniqueness.

*Contains sulfates

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