Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze


Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze

This drink is the best choice in order to have a good time at your formal events as well as your phenomenal parties.
Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze, apart from being the quintessential “trendy” drink of the times, is also the ideal gift for your loved ones.

It is enjoyed cold at 4-6°C.It is served in a crystal champagne flute.


  • Glass bottle 500ml
  • Cork wine stopper
  • Sugar-free
  • VOL: 7%
  • Contains sulfates
  • It must be stored in a cool and shady place.

Patented drink according to the Madrid protocol*
EUIPO No 015602782



    Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze is an ideal choice of drink, with an exquisite taste and aroma. It is the new drink trend, being served to the guests of more and more formal events. Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze is served in a crystal champagne flute at 4-6 degrees Celsius. An excellent choice for formal receptions, such as company meetings, birthday parties, engagement and wedding receptions etc. Serving it will impress even your most demanding guests.

    The product comes in a beautiful 500ml glass bottle, fact which makes it an ideal present for your loved ones. Whether you select it for a formal reception or for a gift to those you care about, or even to enjoy it on your own at home, Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze will definitely satisfy you 100%. Try it today and we guarantee you a unique tasting experience.

    *Contains sulfates

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