Oinomelos - Social Action 2019

The social action of Oinomelos for the year 2019 this time started through its partners, contributing to the community with an original contribution.

According to the new Law 4488/2017 (Article 65 (3)) and Ministerial Decision No. 91345, Article 70 of the Ministry of Economy and all the mass catering and leisure establishments must have a list of the Braille system.

For Oinomelos, such actions are self-evident.

For this reason, in 2019, it is taking care to free the Braille catalogs for most of its  professional network . Always trying to help people who have visual difficulties  and to put that ‘’stubble’’ for their autonomous living.

Oinomelos in collaboration with PrintStores undertake the editing & typing, translation & design, production & printing of its partners’ catalogs. Oinomelos and the people who make it up with a high sense of social responsibility contribute in the best possible way to solving simple daily issues for people with special abilities.

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