Our social action is part of our work

… since each product of the company is financially supported by the work of a non-profit organization.
Every product that comes out on the market is priced, including from the outset a percentage for public benefit. With this action, it contributes dynamically to the development of the living standards of vulnerable groups as well as to the protection of the environment. This, ultimately, is the most important principle of Oinomelos and its innovative way of functioning: a firm “investment” in the Greek market and society. . An investment, both to people and to society!

The people of Oinomelos decided to establish it in the Greek market, in an environment of great economic crisis … inspired by this crisis!
Thus, with a strong need for expression for creativity, not only in products but also in mode of operation, a company of a commercial character was set up, but at the same time, with vision and hope for tomorrow

Oinomelos’ thinking is simple: we all work together & we all win!
The awareness of Oinomelos, therefore, about important issues of society is a matter for the business, irrespective of its subject. Having a high sense of social responsibility supports vulnerable groups or not.

Our Vision

“Passion for tradition, love for the goods that the Greek land generates, and for the people who make them, are our driving force” … we could say in one sentence.
You live it with passion, you serve it with stubbornness. And you insist on making it happen, by promoting those products in the best value for money, where tradition meets innovation and timelessness.

A new idea is born

«We are together, we are at Oinomelos» – this is the scope!

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