Take part in Talent Accepted

Talent Accepted is the new win-win advertising campaign of Oinomelos ® which is being held in order for you to showcase your creativity through its innovative, patented products. Through the Cocktail bar you work at, you can now create a new cocktail with an oinomelo base. Take part in the campaign, let your imagination run wild and create the Cocktail which will sweep the world. Oinomelos ® will advertise you and your creation through its official website and social media: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest!

If you think you’re a creative Bartender and you’re constantly on the search for new, innovative products to demonstrate your talent, then fill out the contact form with your information, and a bottle of Oinomelon of Oinomelos will be waiting for you at your workplace.

When you complete your cocktail, enter the category ‘Upload your Cocktail.’

The best cocktails will be demonstrated on our YouTube channel.

Do what excites you and show your talent.

Bartender Form of Interest

Business details where you work

We will send you a bottle of Oinomelon of Oinomelos to the address of your workplace as raw material for the concoction of cocktails upon verification of the information you have submitted.

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Sangreal® 5LT is only available for professionals.
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At this moment the Sangreal glass bottle 750ml is not available. Please contact us

Currently the Y OINOMELON® 11 GOLD is not available. Please contact us

Currently the Y OINOMELON® BRONZE 7 is not available. Please contact us

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