Y Oinomelon® Series

Oinomelos, a new innovative company in the field of drink production, presents Oinomelon.

The Passion for tradition, the love for the goods that the Greek soil produces, as well as the value of History make up the driving force behind the creation of a new, innovative, patented series which could be characterized as a flavorful elixir.


Oinomelo is a unique drink born by Greek tradition; Hippocrates refers to Oinomelo as a medicine which should be consumed by everyone, as it boasts a number of beneficial properties, while Democritus talks of the wellness and longevity it offers to man. When he himself was asked “How can man retain health and long life?” his response was “by drinking oinomelo,” which is why many believe that he used to drink it until his old age. At the same time, many are the references to oinomelo in Greek mythology and history. The nymph Melissa, Zeus’ nurse, raised him by feeding him bread and oinomelo so that he would grow up faster and pursue his place among the Gods. Homer mentions oinomelo multiple times in his texts, as the witch Circe offered it to Ulysses’ sailors in order to seduce them. Of course, we must not forget its role in the everyday life of the Athenians, as well as in the symposiums, as it constituted a welcome drink in order to cleanse the palate and prepare it for the flavors of food.

Y Oinomelos® Series

Oinomelos, after long years of research, multiple trials and teamwork, has created a unique patented product based on wine. The Y Oinomelon® series includes three basic products with each one boasting unique tasting experiences. All the products are produced without the addition of sugar and are packaged in a 500ml glass bottle with a cork wine stopper.

Drawing inspiration from the traditional ancient Greek recipe, completely natural without the addition of sugar, with low Vol and exquisite flavor. The Y Oinomelon® Series is one of the most pioneering, flavorful series of oinomelo of superior quality winemaking, justly characterized by its audience as “a drink of ice and fire”, as this unique beverage can be enjoyed in three different ways depending on the occasion, which sometimes call for it to be hot, and other times cold. It brings explosive flavor, as it is a patented drink which comes from exquisite varieties of wine, as it is based on wine, with earthy aromas which evoke unique notes of honey to seduce whomever tries it. A wonderful habit for its enthusiasts, born in order to savor every special moment with a good drink. Our goal is to offer products which will provide a different, modern and flavorful mirth to the enjoyment of drink.

Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze

Y Oinomelon ® 7% Bronze is a wonderful choice for a cold drink in order to have a good time at your formal events or at your phenomenal parties.
Aside from being the quintessential “trendy” drink of the times, it’s the ideal gift for your loved ones.
It is enjoyed cold at 4-6°C.It is served in a crystal champagne flute.

Y Oinomelon ® 9% Silver

The most crucial element for your night on the town
Y Oinomelon ® 9% Silver is a drink that you must enjoy with those you appreciate, thus it is the ultimate gift for them.
It is enjoyed cool at10-12°C. It is served with a 2.5” ice ball in a crystal Old-Fashioned glass.

Y Oinomelon ® 11% GOLD

Ideal for your intimate moments.
Y Oinomelon ® 11% GOLD is the perfect choice in order to enjoy a special drink with the people you respect. It accompanies your conversations, whereas it could also serve as an excellent gift for them.
(It must be heated up carefully so that it does not come to a boil in order to not alter its flavor). It is enjoyed warm, at 55-60°C. It is served in a crystal Brandy glass.

A pan-European patent

The Oinomelon® Series holds the pan-European EUIPO patent, under the patent number 015602782 according to the Protocol of Madrid.
The EUIPO (fromEnglish: European Union Intellectual Property Office) is the one responsible for handling the rights which concern commercial trademarks, patents and prototypes in the EU.

Enjoy your own Oinomelo from the Y Oinomelon® Series

Select your own bottle, the one which represents you, and enjoy it with your special company. Offer the one you think ideal to those you love, appreciate, respect, even better, show them how you feel with a unique gift basket from our large network of partners which will also contain one of the Y Oinomelon ® !


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