The Company

Oinomelos is a new, innovative Greek company in the field of drink production.

We innovate harnessing the power of nature, the values of Greek history, the euphoria of mother nature’s fruits and our traditions. Through creative and honest partnerships both in the domestic and international market, we give the consumer the chance to try and enjoy, beyond the classic and beloved- the new, the special, the unique!

Oinomelos produces, bottles and distributes unique patented drinks of low VOL, based on wine and sugar-free, both in retail and whole-sale through our e-shop www.oinomelos.com. After long-time research, continuous testing and teamwork, we have created products with one and only purpose: to promote Greek goods, the people who produce them, the earth that spawns them.

Our benchmark here at Oinomelos is the Y Oinomelon series.

A one-of-a-kind, patented series with a unique, exclusive product without sugar, completely natural, with exquisite flavour and beneficial properties from ancient time. A flavorful elixir, ideal for some even as medicine and, for most, beloved, for us here at Oinomelos, an innovation! Enjoy our tradition, our innovation and our history through the Y Oinomelon series by visiting our e-shop at www.oinomelos.com.

The family of Oinomelos, inspired by small, everyday moments of pleasure and hospitality, bythe joy of creativity and byour ancient heritage, now offers innovative products which… make merry, but also benefit the heart!
From Tradition, a new Wine-novation is born!

A pan-European patent

The Oinomelon® Series holds the pan-European EUIPO patent, under the patent number 015602782 according to the Protocol of Madrid. The EUIPO (from English: European Union Intellectual Property Office) is the one responsible for handling the rights which concern commercial trademarks, patents and prototypes in the EU.

Greek PCC Patent

Oinomelon of Oinomelos ® is a patented product with an ISO 22000 from TUV AUSTRIA, and soon, it will be distributed as a certified VEGAN product. It holds a Greek patent from the Piraeus Chamber of Crafts under the patent number 2377/05.07.2016. It is a patented and certified product available for both retail and whole-sale exclusively from the Oinomelos company.

TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas ISO 22000

Quality is for Oinomelos®, one of the basic elements of its creation and of the way it operates. The safety of its products’ consummation is certified by TÜV AUSTRIA Hellas with the ISO 22000 certification. It is a commitment and fundamental duty of the company to develop, evolve and continuously improve all its administration systems. Oinomelos innovates as it is the first company which, aside from the production ISO, has received the necessary certification of the ISO 22000 also for the commercial activities.

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