Return policy

The terms and conditions described in this policy apply to all products purchased in Greece via the e-shop oinomelos.com.

Cancellation policy

When you place your order via the oinomelos.com e-shop, you may cancel your order within 24 hours.
Concerning any product returns, you may send us your written request via email at info@oinomelos.com. For any further information, you may contact us by consulting the contact information on our website. Any products you wish to return must be in perfect condition and in a sealed packaging. You are responsible for covering the return shipping unless warranty issues are applicable to the product due to manufacturing faults. In case you have opened the packaging, you are to ensure its return in perfect condition together with all the parts and gadgets of which it is comprised.

You agree to care for the condition of the to-be-returned products from the moment they have been delivered up until the moment you deliver them to our store or to the delivery company or courier.
Our company is not responsible for faulty or low-quality products it offers to its customers. All products are received from our suppliers in sealed packaging. In case a delivered product is proved to be faulty, you maintain the right to return it and have it replaced at your shipping cost.
In case the products are not returned within 15 days, our company reserves the right to not accept the request for product return or replacement. In any case, the maximum time limit for returns for the purpose of replacement cannot exceed 15 (15) calendar days from the date of delivery.
Aside from the rights recognized by the returns policy,
all consumer rights stemming from current legislation concerning sale agreements are recognized in any situation, as well as any rights stemming from product warranties.

Returned product transportation

In case you wish to return products due to a change of heart, you are burdened with the immediate cost of the products’ return shipping. Pickup of the returned products can only be made from the address you had originally submitted to us for their shipping and which you have indicated to us in writing.
You agree to divulging to our company as many details as possible regarding the pickup address of our products, for example, floor, access difficulties the delivery personnel/courier might face, the existence of elevators, narrow stairwells etc. in order to facilitate the pickup process from your indicated location. You agree that there will be suitable access to your location for the returned products to be picked up.
Should the delivery personnel/courier deem that the product pickup from your indicated location may damage your property, he will inform you orally and note it on the pickup document. You may indicate to the partnered delivery company / courier to collect the products despite this indicated risk, in which case we are not liable for any damages caused to your property or the products, as long as their collection is carried out with all due care and attention.
You agree to release all products you wish to return to our partner company, including all their parts and gadgets of which they are comprised. During the returned products’ pickup by the delivery personnel/ courier, you will be asked to sign a pickup document to verify that the products have been delivered to them. The pickup document will be given to you by our partnered delivery company/courier.
Should you be unable to be present yourselves during the product pickup from your location, you may indicate a representative who will undertake the process on your behalf. This representative must be of age and legally competent to supervise the product pick up in your stead.

Refund for returned products

As long as you fulfil the criteria for the return, you will be refunded the sum which correlates to the value of the products you are returned in the same manner in which you completed the original transaction, unless you wish to be refunded in a different way which must be specified to us in writing.
The refund for the returned products will be completed as soon as possible. In every case, it will be completed after you have informed us in writing of your request to return the products and we accept their return, given that the products have been picked up by our partner delivery company/courier.
Exceptions from the right to renege
Your right to renege on your purchase is invalid in the following situations:

  • The supply of products crafted according to specifications you as a consumer have set or clearly customized (Private label)
  • The supply of products which, after their delivery, due to their nature are intrinsically intertwined with other elements


  • Force majeure: If, due to circumstances of force majeure (e.g. bad weather conditions, labour strikes etc.) we are incapable of delivering your order within the pre-agreed timeframe, we will inform you through telephone call or e-mail so that you may inform us whether or not you wish for the completion of your order under these circumstances. Our company denies all responsibility for any situation beyond our fault and will do whatever is humanly possible to provide the best service.
    If you have already submitted an electronic order and, upon delivery, realise that one or more products are missing from your total order, please contact us in order to resolve all the details necessary and send you the products that you did not receive with no additional cost.
  • If you have already submitted an electronic order and, upon delivery, realise that one or more products have been forgotten from your order, please contact us in order to resolve all the details necessary and send you the products we overlooked with no additional cost.
  • Amendments to these terms: Our company reserves the right to alter or renew these transactional terms and conditions. We also assume the obligation to keep this text up-to-date regarding any change or addition to our terms.
  • Should you never receive your order (given that a significant amount of time has elapsed from the time of your order’s placement), please contact our company. For your best and quickest customer service, we recommend mentioning the particular order number which has been sent to the e-mail address you submitted upon ordering.

According to the Directive 2013/11/EC which was internalised into Greek legislature with the CMD 70330/2015 and the Decision 31619 NG 969/22.3.2017 (article 8), the option of settling online consumer differences through the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution is available in the entirety of the European Union. If the Customer has an issue with a purchase they have made on our Electronic Store and resides within the EU, they may look to the website https://webgate.ec.europa.eu/odr/main/?event=main.home.show for settling the difference out of court.

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